Monday, December 26, 2011

Medical Helicopter Crashes in Florida with 3 Onboard

Dr. Luis Bonilla, David Hines and E. Hoke Smith
Three people, a pilot and two medical personnel, lost their lives monday morning when their helicopter went down. The aircraft was en route to the Shands at University of Florida in Gainesville. The flight, which originated at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville at 5:45 a.m., did not have a patient on board.

The accident site is located on the Clay and Putnam county line near Palatka in Northeast Florida.

Memorial page honoring the crew
Dr. Rupp/Mayo Clinic Message
Pilot in Mayo Clinic copter crash had spent life flying, son says
Mayo Clini Rremembers Dr. Luis Bonilla
Mayo Clinic Remembers David- Hines


  1. Prayers for the families. Such a tragic loss in the Air Medical community. God rest their souls.

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